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 This Is A Place  

  Built with Three.js, Node.js, and SQLite

I created this curatorial platform during a time where I was unable to physically create the exhibition space I had envisioned for my final degree show, inviting people to exchange and document part of their daily lives and thoughts through recognisable symbols of the art museum: the archive box and white wall. Taken out of the constraints of the museum, these symbols are used to challenge notions of value i.e what is worthy of being preserved or displayed, and the spaces art has always been presented in.

The White Box allows you to choose what to place in (and essentially remove from) the box. Rather than treated as this highly important, mostly static entity, the archive represents a place of exchange and aims to bring back the sense of curiosity and discovery that the Wunderkammer once achieved. The White Wall challenges the prescriptive nature in which we experience art. It becomes a semantic space, a collaborative drawing space where meaning is constantly being created and destroyed in the hands of it’s viewers.

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